About Us


Morningstar Maids Services was established with a core purpose – to provide premium cleaning services for busy professionals. However, we’ve evolved since then.

It turns out, lots of people love a top-quality clean by friendly and reliable residential hygiene experts. Go figure. Our client base is composed of community members from all walks of life including hardworking moms, veterans, single men and women, families, and proud parents of fur babies. And we couldn’t be happier to serve them all.

Why Choose Us?


Our neighborhood-friendly team of cleaning specialists will make sure your home is cleaned with top-notch quality.

Our vast experience in all sectors of residential and commercial cleaning services means you can rely on us.

We use our experience to develop proven systems, including providing clear scopes of work, service-level agreements and cleaning checklists all backed by our customer service team.


Here at Morningstar Maids Services, we know what it takes to hire, train, and keep the best professional house cleaning staff. We pay far above our competitors, give great incentives, and provide an uplifting work environment. On average we interview over 20 cleaners for each team we bring on, and they go through a rigorous process.


Because there’s more to cleaning than cleaning! When you’re in the cleaning business, you come to understand that there’s a lot more to cleaning than, well, cleaning. Which is why we hire the best and brightest professional house cleaners. In fact, we’re so picky about who we bring into our company; we’ll often interview more than 20 people for each team we build!

And we don’t stop there. Once we’ve assembled a new team of stellar house cleaners, we train them on how to clean the Morningstar Maids Services way – with thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

Our cleaners go above and beyond every time. They make sure to fulfill all your special requests and that everything you care about receives extra attention. It’s the kind of conscientious cleaning you’ll

notice and the secret to turning many of our first-time customers into repeat clients. Why do we care so much about who cleans your house?

We care because you care. All of our cleaning teams are fully vetted and reviewed. We attract and retain our premium cleaners with competitive compensation, fabulous incentives, and by maintaining a fun and uplifting company culture.

After all, when we clean we’re doing more than getting rid of shower build-up and sweeping the floors. We’re creating a refreshing, relaxing, and sanitary space that you can enjoy long after we leave. And that’s something we’re very proud of.